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  Last modified: November 30 2020

Helmut Welke, M.S. Industrial Engineering

Helmut Welke - click for bio

President and Founder of Quad-City Creation Science Association

Mr. Welke is a retired engineering manager, having worked in a variety of U.S. and international assignments with a Fortune 100 company. In 2006 he was elected to the board of trustees of an international society serving the Industrial and Systems Engineering profession. He holds a U.S. patent, and is well versed in the use of science to design and manufacture advanced products. His bachelor's and master's degrees in Industrial Engineering were awarded by the University of Illinois at Urbana. In 2012 he was elected a “Fellow” of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Helmut is a member of the Creation Research Society and an ambassador for Logos Research Associates. He recently was elected president of Creation Summit, an organization that seeks to bring the truth of Creation to college campuses through seminars and organized debates. He has presented Creation Science in schools, churches and at civic organizations throughout the United States, plus France, Poland and Germany.

Helmut has been looking at the Creation-Evolution question for over 30 years, and wants young people everywhere to hear both sides of the issue.

Helmut may be contacted at
or at (563) 449-8111.

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