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Helmut Welke, M.S. Industrial Engineering

Helmut Welke - click for bio

President and Founder of Quad-City Creation Science Association

Mr. Welke is a retired engineering manager, having worked in a variety of U.S. and international assignments with a Fortune 100 company. In 2006 he was elected to the board of trustees of an international society serving the Industrial and Systems Engineering profession. He holds a U.S. patent, and is well versed in the use of science to design and manufacture advanced products. His bachelor's and master's degrees in Industrial Engineering were awarded by the University of Illinois at Urbana. In 2012 he was elected a “Fellow” of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Helmut is a member of the Creation Research Society and an ambassador for Logos Research Associates. He recently was elected president of Creation Summit, an organization that seeks to bring the truth of Creation to college campuses through seminars and organized debates. He has presented Creation Science in schools, churches and at civic organizations throughout the United States, plus France, Poland and Germany.

Helmut has been looking at the Creation-Evolution question for over 30 years, and wants young people everywhere to hear both sides of the issue.

Helmut may be contacted at
or at (563) 449-8111.

Available Presentations:

  • Adam and the Genome   It has been widely published that a "fusion site" on chromosome 2 proves that humans and apes have common ancestry. It's time this idea was laid to rest!
  • Aliens, UFOs and the Bible   UFO researchers evidently think there are, or have been, aliens who have visited planet Earth. A growing number of people believe life on earth was seeded by ancient aliens. What about all those stories of alien abductions? This presentation will review the status of alien research and what we should really think about “alien visitors”.
  • Big Bang in Big Trouble   Astronomy, specifically the Big Bang theory, is reviewed along with 10 scientific reasons the Big Bang theory is no longer viable.
  • Carbon-14 and the Age of the Earth    A quick review of carbon-14 dating, what it shows and some startling results from around the world.
  • Comparative Anatomy: Evolution or Design?   A review of homology and how it is used as evidence for Darwinian evolution, despite being based on circular reasoning.
  • Dinosaurs, People, and the Bible   A review of seven key evidences that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.  Some major discoveries have been made that show dinosaurs could not possibly have disappeared 65 million years ago.   The implications of these findings and what could have happened to them are also reviewed. (Good anytime! And very popular!)
  • DNA: How Genetics Is Confirming the Creation Account and Discrediting Evolution   Presentation on DNA, including some recent findings, and how it relates to natural selection and mutations.
  • Evolution: An Unnatural Selection   Reviews three implications for theologians who try to compromise the Bible with Darwinian evolution.  Also discussed is the difference between natural selection and Darwin’s theory of a common ancestor in light of today’s advances in genetics.  What the Bible plainly says is what we also see in science, as predicted by Romans 1:20. Good for Sunday service.
  • Evolution: Good or Bad Fruit?   Review of the impact Darwinism has had on culture and science.  This program is often done in conjunction with a Ken Ham video from Answers in Genesis.
  • Flood Geology   A review of the geological evidences for the world-wide Flood of Genesis, and issues such as the capacity of Noah’s ark. Two versions: one with emphasis on rafting in the Grand Canyon, and one that ends with an altar call.
  • In God’s Image? or Planet of the Apes?   Investigates the evidence for Ape to Human evolution, including Neanderthals and Lucy, as well some of the more recent discoveries.
  • Millions of Years! Where Did the Idea Come from?   Reviews the pre-Darwin history of doubting Genesis’s six days and the lack of science behind it.  Interesting insights from Niagara Falls and more!  Longer version can include a review of radiometric dating.
  • Natural Selection and the Bible   This presentation reviews what Natural Selection is all about.  It then reviews the claims of evolutionists (including text books) pertaining to drug-resistant bacteria, and the real implications.   It results in a clear understanding of what natural selection is, and what it does and does not cause.
  • The Heavens Declare the Glory of God   Evidences for creation from astronomy, with an emphasis on scientific evidences for a young sun and young solar system.
  • Tiktaalik and Other Fossils   The Tiktaalik fossil is one of a handful of fossils used to prove that fish evolved into amphibians and eventually into you. It was used with great fanfare by Bill Nye in his debate with Ken Ham. Students are also given the impression that Tiktaalik fossils provide a virtual snapshot of fish becoming land animals. This is extremely deceptive, and is not what the actual fossil evidence shows. In fact a closer examination reveals amazing conclusions that you and students everywhere need to know.
  • Top Three Reasons Evolution Is Bad Science   Introductory talk that covers the basic questions surrounding the theory of evolution. These include 'Could evolution start without a Creator?', 'Could evolution actually happen according to genetics?', and 'Did evolution actually happen in the past according to the fossil record?'