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Major Creationist Organizations

These links are to their websites, not to one specific event. This list is not meant to be inclusive. For other, unlisted organizations, do an online search.

4th Day Alliance - click for website

4th Day Alliance: a Christian organization focusing on how the heavens declare the glory of God! Their site has a calendar of coming astronomical events, plus stunning photos of the heavens!

Alpha-Omega Institute logo - click for website

Alpha Omega Institute:
Since 1984, Alpha-Omega has developed a multitude of resources: Discover Creation Seminars, Children’s Ministry, Creation Vacations & Camps, Public, Christian & Home School Programs, Publications including Think & Believe and Kids T & B Too!, Intern Training Program, Resource Center, International Outreach. HQ: Grand Junction. Colorado

Answers in Genesis logo - click for website

Answers in Genesis:
The powerhouse of the modern creation movement. They stress reaching the public through events, educational materials and publications.

Creation Education Center is now The Starting Point Project

The Creation Education Center is now
The Starting Point Project -- see below

Creation Ministries International logo - click for website

Creation Ministries International (H.Q.: Australia, United States)
CMI is similar to Answers in Genesis in size and offerings. They produce Creation Magazine and the technical Journal of Creation. They are one of THE BIG THREE creationist groups in the world.

Creation Moments logo = click for website

Creation Moments (Minnesota)
Ian Taylor's website for his radio program of the same name. Taylor authored the hard-to-put-down book In the Minds of Men several years ago. Rich website!

Creation Research logo - click for website

Creation Research
John Mackay's organization in Australia.

Creation Studies Institute logo - click for website

Creation Studies Institute
This Florida-based group puts out a great newsletter, a yearly dinosaur excavation trip, a trip hunting fossils on the Peace River (Florida), an extensive creation-oriented "Discovery Museum," a radio program, podcasts, and more.

Crosstalk logo - click for VCY Radio listing of affiliates for Crosstalk program

Crosstalk Radio Show
"Crosstalk" is a live call-in radio program of VCY Radio, headquartered in Wisconsin. They sometimes interview creationists. The link takes you to their page showing stations around the country that carry this program.

Creation Science Society of Milwaukee logo - click for website

Creation Science Society of Milwaukee
CSSM is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. They focus particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis, as it is the most-attacked book of the Bible. CSSM also desires to train others to develop a biblical worldview. They bring in presenters who speak at multiple local churches per month, and have a well-stocked resource store.

Institute for Creation Research logo - click for website

Institute for Creation Research
The original major creationist organization! They now stress doing the research that provides material for other organizations to use.

Quad City Creation Science Association logo - click for website

Quad City Creation Science Association (Davenport, Iowa)
Conducts local meetings throughout Iowa and into Illinois. Has their own lending library. This group has really grown from its beginning only a few years ago!

Reasons for Hope logo - click for website

Reasons for Hope
Carl Kerby's ministry offers speaking engagements, a Grand Canyon raft trip, online videos and videos for purchase, and you can ask questions online. Their deBunked videos are 2-5 minutes each, with bullet-speed explanations of various topics in apologetics.

Creation Education Center is now 'The Starting Point Project'

The Starting Point Project (formerly The Creation Education Center)
Jay Seegert is the past president of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee. His organization conducts live call-in webcasts and trips to the Grand Canyon. He speaks in churches and conferences, and his talks are recorded on DVDs. Online catalog of resources.

Summit Ministries logo - click for website

Summit Ministries   Christian worldview organization, with some emphasis on creation. Conferences, college-credit institutes, and much more.

Whitcomb Ministries logo - click for website

Whitcomb Ministries  Dr. John Whitcomb co-wrote The Genesis Flood in 1961. This was the book that is credited with sparking the modern creationist movement. He still appears around the country many times per year.

Worldview Academy logo - click for website

Worldview Academy  "stands on the solid foundation of scripture, training students and adults to understand their faith as a total worldview." Conferences, semester study at Oxford (UK) and in Colorado, student leadership training camps.