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Midwest Creation Fellowship

Speaker Bureau

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If you'd like to find a speaker on a topic related to the creation/evolution controversy, we can probably help! Our speakers come from several states, and some are willing to travel.

None of our speakers charge for their services, but groups usually give them an honorarium or love offering.

When you contact us, we look through the database for someone appropriate and contact him. He calls you, and you set up your own arrangements.

Sample Topics:

  • Vestigial Organs--There Are None Left
  • Hitler and Evolution
  • Natural Selection--Why It Does Not and Cannot Work
  • Punctuated Equilibria--A Fatal Attempt to Explain the Huge Gaps in the Fossil Record
  • Was Man First? (Shows that mankind has repeatedly copied nature in his engineering marvels)
  • The Wonder of the Human Body
  • Atavisims--Do They Exist? (Evolutionary throwbacks)
  • What About Other Creation Myths--Should They Not Also Be Taught?
  • The UFO Cults--A Product of Evolution
  • Is Creationism Religion or Science or Both?
  • The Neanderthal Race--Man, Ape or In-Between?
  • Archaeopteryx--A Bird, A Reptile or In-Between?
  • Feathers--A Problem That Is By No Means Light For Evolutionists