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This page was last modified on 06 October 2018

Crossword Puzzles

These are downloadable PDFs. The answers are on the bottom; you just figure out where to fill them in. OR contact us and we'll give you a no-answers-shown version. Three pages each: one with picture, without picture, one with answers filled in. Print only the page(s) you wish!

Crossword "Butterflies by Design" - click to download printable PDF

Butterflies by Design

In line with our "Butterflies by Design" theme for the 2015 Lake County Fair, we made a crossword puzzle to while away rainy hours, and to teach a bit about butterflies.

Crossword "Dinosaurs" - click to download printable PDF


A few facts about "terrible lizards" and some other creatures that evolutionists believe have been extinct for millions of years! (By the way, the photo is of an exhibit at the Creation Museum in Kentucky.)