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Videos of MCF Meetings

These are samples of our live meetings, beginning with November 2017. These public meetings are normally held on the first Monday of the month in Lindenhurst, Illinois, and the next day in Carol Stream. The same presenter and topic are usually at both our locations. Come join us, so you can ask questions and enjoy the live fellowship!

If the Foundations Be Destroyed

MCF's November 2018 meeting with Russ Miller

A review of our Christian heritage, and how the teaching of "millions of years leading to Darwinism" has undermined people's faith in the authority of God's Word as well as its significant impact on our nation.

Age Level:  about grade 8 and up

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Darwin's Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries

MCF's October 2018 meeting with Dr. Jerry Bergman

Explore some of the fakes, failures, falsifications and fictions that have mutilated the history of paleontology and turned countless young people away from their Creator.

Age Level:  about grade 8 and up

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Critical Thinking Skills That Disarm Evolutionists

MCF's September 2018 meeting with Mr. Mike Riddle

God's Word tells us to be "ready to give a reason", but few people learn how to apply the method of critical thinking as it relates to apologetics in general, and the message of creation in specific. Learn three critical thinking questions and a power question that will help you defend and strengthen your faith.

Age Level:  about grade 7 and up

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Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species

MCF's July 2018 meeting with Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson

The title of this presentation refers to the ground breaking book published by Dr. Jeanson in 2017. But rather than restating what was already available in the book, Dr. Jeanson reviews the history of the development of scientific thought as it relates to "the origin of species" and then branches out to new evidence, published after his new book - that the genetics of Darwin's finches may actually support creation better than evolution.

Level: 9th grade and up

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Scientific Evidence for the Inspiration of the Bible

MCF's June 2018 meeting with Jay Seegert

Everything we believe as Christians rests on the assumption that the Bible is actually the inspired, error-free Word of God, but how do we know that? It’s not politically correct to believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and most Christians cannot defend this belief. Are we to exercise blind faith, or is there a great body of evidence supporting this crucial point? Hear credible scientific evidence that the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God!

Age Level:  about grade 6 or 8 and up

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The Amazing Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

MCF's May 2018 meeting with Pam Courtney

Monarch butterflies are intelligently designed: they go through a complex metamorphosis process, miraculously navigate a round-trip intracontinental migration through Canada, the United States and Mexico, and pass the migration torch between multiple generations. Hear the Amazing Gospel Analogy in the Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly, which teaches Christian principles found in Scripture. (Migration maps)

Age Level:  about grade 6 or 8 and up

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Something from Nothing -- And You Think WE Have a Problem?!

MCF's April 2018 meeting with Carl Kerby

If On the Origin of Species was biology’s deadliest blow to supernaturalism, we may come to see A Universe from Nothing as the equivalent from cosmology.” (NY Times 03/23/12) Which makes more sense: God created everything, or nothing created everything? Carl critiques the video of Dr. L.M. Krause’s book tour with fellow evolutionist Dr. R. Dawkins.

Age Level: About grades 6 or 8 and up

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Information: A Unifying Biblical and Scientific Perspective

MCF's January 2018 meeting with Dr. Kenneth Funk

Consider in a new way the foundational significance of the concept of information and what it communicates, irrefutably, about the origin, design and function of life processes, as well as its relation to Scripture, the laws of science, extra-terrestrial intelligence and our ultimate eternal destiny.

Dr. Funk is a peptide chemist, retired after long and successful service in the pharmaceutical industry. He is now the Director of MCF-North, and a member of MCF's Board of Directors. He engages speakers for both MCF-North and, normally, for MCF-West, and has been heading up MCF's booth at the Lake County Fair since 2013.

Age Level:  8th-grade and up -- so don't be afraid to check this out! His many visuals are edited in.

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God's Funniest, yet Vital, Proteins (Kinesin and Dynein)

MCF's December 2018 meeting with Mr. Dan Mikal, Sr.

Kinesin and Dynein ARE truly funny, but the topic of how these robots would ever come about by chance is serious.

Dan is a retired AP Biology teacher, and I envy his students!

Age Level:  8th-grade and up -- so don't be afraid to check this out! His many visuals are edited in.

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Fatal Flaws in the Radioisotope Dating Methods

MCF's November 2017 meeting with Dr. Andrew Snelling!

The November 2017 meetings of MCF enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Andrew Snelling on radioisotope dating methods, which are claimed to prove that the earth is 4-1/2 billion years old. [Spoiler: they don't work.]

He explains how they operate, what is - and is not - consistent from one method to another, and how the rock-dating methods typically do NOT give accurate "dates" when compared with rocks of KNOWN age! Did the decay - "aging" - process proceed much faster at some past time? Why would it? You might never read this detail in a textbook that deals with the subject.

Age Level: 8th-10th grader -- so don't be afraid to check this out! His many visuals are edited in.

BTW, this was our very FIRST meeting video on the web!

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