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Mr. Walter Sivertsen - click for bio
Mr. Walter Sivertsen

August 6, 2018

The Great Evolution Mystery

with Mr. Walter Sivertsen

Some scientific observations in biology, geology, astronomy and other disciplines are not explainable in the evolutionary worldview. They are considered mysteries to evolutionists but usually not to creationists. We will examine multiple examples in biology.

(This event is a replay of the February presentation, when winter weather kept all but a dozen people away from the Lindenhurst meeting. The weather and attendance were better in Carol Stream the next night, so we're only replaying it for the people in MCF North. Maybe this time we can even get a video!)

MCF locations map

Monday, August 6 MCF North):

Location change:
Maranatha Baptist Church
31457 N. Allegheny Road
Grayslake, IL

6:00 p.m.: Doors open
6:45 p.m.: Refreshments
7:00 p.m.: Presentation
8:00 p.m.: Q&A

Tuesday, August 7 (MCF West):

There will not be a meeting in August. See you in September!

Carol Stream, IL

For more information, call 847-356-1433,
or email mcfnorth@midwestcreationfellowship.org.

No charge; all are welcome. We do accept donations to defray expenses.  

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Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species

MCF's July 2018 meeting with Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson

The title of this presentation refers to the ground breaking book published by Dr. Jeanson in 2017. But rather than restating what was already available in the book, Dr. Jeanson reviews the history of the development of scientific thought as it relates to "the origin of species" and then branches out to new evidence, published after his new book - that the genetics of Darwin's finches may actually support creation better than evolution.

Level: about 9th grade and up