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The 2019 contest opens for submissions on January 1, and all entries are due by April 30, 2019.

Students ages 11 through 18 are eligible to enter. There is a total of $1500 in prizes we want to award! Hey, where else can you get paid up to $500 to do your homework?

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You've got 103 days to get it in!

Image is from an exhibit at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

February 4-5, 2019

Adam and Eve are the ancestors of all people who have ever lived. You may never hear this on television, and, sadly, this fact is not taught in many churches today. Yet, there is a lot of evidence not only for Adam and Eve, but also for Noah's Flood and the Tower of Babel. Where is this evidence? In our genes! Come and hear about the history of the world as we know it from genetics.

This presentation will likely be on the level of high school and up.

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Design and Discovery

MCF's December 2018 meeting with Bruce Malone

A look at some of God's inventions which have changed human history. These are specific examples of things mankind would never have invented without first observing God's creation. Also, why mutations, natural selection, and adaptation could never have produced such wonders. We will wrap up by showing how the evidence for creation is transforming future of Fiji. (Sorry, there are some technical issues with this video, but the content is still usable.)

Age Level:  about grade grade 6 and up

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