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Dec. 5, 7 & 8: Jay Seegert: Creation Apologetics: Making it More Effective   Seegert will share a few powerful things he learned in 34 years of experience interacting with skeptics.
Jan. 9, 11 & 12, 2021: Helmut Welke:  Biblical Cosmology: Understanding the First 4 Days of Creation    A call for a return to the straight forward reading of Genesis from a Biblical and Scientific point of view. It goes through the first 4 days in terms of what God says about how He created the Universe, including the astronomical bodies. The sequence of events and how evidence such as the ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’ radiation fit the Biblical narrative far better than Big Bang Theory.
Feb.  6, 8, & 9, 2021:   Duane Caldwell: Creation in the Digital Age   From digital conversions to energy conversions, to irreducible complexity, the processes of life are more complex than Darwin could ever have conceived. We’ll take a look at some of those processes as we examine Creation in the Digital Age.
Mar.  1, 2 & 3: Bruce Malone:   The Awe of God: Why Evolution Could not Have Produced the 'Wonders of Creation'    This talk is a look at the wonders of the biological world with examples of why evolution simply does not scientifically work to explain these things AND how evolution directly contradicts and undermines God's Word.
June 5, 7 & 8, 2021Amos Tarfa:   Neuroscience as a Barrier to Evolution   

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Video: Be Bold: Know It, Live It, Share It!

MCF's October 2020 meeting with Carl Kerby

The church is losing its next generation at an alarming rate. What can we do about it? Young people in our churches need to know how to stand uncompromisingly on the authority and accuracy of the Bible so that they can answer the skeptical questions of the age.

Click here for links to collections of our own meeting videos, plus great sources of other groups' FREE online videos!

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