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Midwest Creation Fellowship

Creation-Oriented Periodicals

Below are listed periodicals that MCF recommends. All take a Biblical stance on creation, by which we mean that they take the Bible as written when it states that God took only six [earth] days to create "the heavens, the earth, and all that in them is", and the Flood was world-wide. Many of these websites will have archived articles available for free. Some whole subscriptions are free, but any of these groups could use your donations! Some also have videos online, but that's for another web page.
Acts and Facts link Acts & Facts . Excellent articles on science, coming events, commentary on news events. Beautiful and readable!
From: Newsletter of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), Dallas TX. ICR was the first creationist organization in the world, starting in the 1980's after its founders, Dr. Henry Morris Jr. and Dr. John Whitcomb, published the book The Genesis Flood.
Reading Level: lay person
Cost: Free, but they sure could use donations to cover it!
Issued: monthly, about 24 pages
Answers Magazine link Answers Magazine.
From: Answers in Genesis (AIG), in Kentucky. AIG and Creation Ministries International used to be one organization that published Creation Magazine. The group broke into two a few years ago, at which time the U.S. group kept the name but created this new magazine. Answers Magazine is oriented more towards worldview issues, without neglecting science.
Reading Level: layperson, with a center section for elementary school.
Cost: Paper: $24/year; online: $18/year. Discounts available.
Issued: Every 3 months, and they have an online version. Paper is about 8-1/2" x 11"
Web :
Answers Research Journal link Answers Research Journal. "ARJ is a professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the global Flood... All published papers may be freely copied, downloaded, quoted, and distributed for non-commercial and non-sale purposes ..."
From: Answers in Genesis (AIG), in Kentucky
Editor: Editor: Andrew A. Snelling, Ph.D.
Reading Level: Technical
Cost: None
Issued: The online volume has new articles added as they are readied for publication. Volumes seem to cover individual years.
Creation magazine link Creation. Started in 1978 by Dr. Carl Weiland, this was the original lay-level creationist periodical. It still focuses more on questions of science and a bit less on the social/economic/political consequences of evolutionism. They also deal more with living things in Australia, where they are headquartered, than does the similar Answers Magazine from Answers in Genesis. Excellent!
From: Creation Ministries International
Reading Level:
lay person
Cost: $25/year, discounts for longer subscriptions
Issued: monthly, about 8-1/2" x 11", 56 pages
Creation Matters link Creation Matters. From their web: "Creation Matters is a publication of the Creation Research Society that is distributed to members every other month. Issues contain both general news of interest to creationists as well as scientific news about creation and evolution." Prior years are available online to non-members.
From: Creation Research Society.
Reading Level: Less technical than their Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ).
Cost: free to members, along with their quarterly. Membership costs $35, and members must agree with their statement of faith.
Issued: Bi-monthly.
Creation Research Society Journal Creation Research Society Quarterly  "Published continuously since 1964. Peer-reviewed by degreed scientists. Scholarly articles representing the major scientific disciplines. Fresh perspectives on science and society as impacted by origins. Emphasis on scientific evidence supporting: intelligent design, a recent creation, and a catastrophic worldwide flood." Some articles and all abstracts are available online to non-subscribers/members, but they have a nice search function.
From: Creation Research Society.
Reading Level: Technical.
Cost: Yes. See website.
Issued: Quarterly.
Creation Science Dialog web page Creation Science Dialogue. Full-color newsletter. From their web: "Dialogue is dedicated to the re-examination of science from a young earth perspective and to the discussion of the creation and evolution models."
From: Creation Science Association of Alberta (Canada).
Reading Level: Lay person
Cost: $8.00 per year (Canadian dollars?)
Issued: Quarterly, about 8 pages, 8" x 10-1/2"
Days of Praise link Days of Praise. Daily devotional, covers many topics, not just creation.
From: Institute for Creation Researach, Dallas, Texas. This is the world's first creationist organization. They mainly focus on research, but do publish and speak.
Reading Level: Lay person
Cost: None, but do consider a donation to cover their costs!
Issued: Monthly
Journal of Creation link Journal of Creation. Scientific articles, peer-reviewed by creationist scientists. Black & white illustrations. Their description: "An international journal devoted to the presentation and discussion of technical aspects of the sciences such as geology, biology, astronomy, etc., and also geography, archaeology, biblical lhistory, philosohy, etc., as they relate to the study of biblical creation and Noah's Flood."
From: Creation Ministries International (CMI), headquartered in Australia, with U.S. office in Georgia.
Reading Level: More technical than most people will read, but not unreadable!
Cost: $39/year, cost breaks for longer subscriptions.
Issued: 3 x/year, about 120 pages per issue, about 8.25" x 11".