Midwest Creation Fellowship
Creation Truth Conference - Sept. 23, 2017, Olson Chapel, Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois

Videos are now available for seven (of the eight) sessions from the Creation Truth Conference! These were professionally produced by the crew who do the Revolution Against Evolution TV program, with graphics edited-in. All seven sessions (of the eight that took place) are available on a thumb drive ($49); or individual sessions are available on DVD ($10 each). Price includes shipping.

We are limited in how long these can be ordered from us, by a contract with a participant, so if you want any or all, now would be a good time to secure them! These are MP4 files, and can be played from your computer, or the thumb drive version may plug directly into your "smart" TV.


Plenary Sessions

  • Human Genetics & the Biblical Timeline -- Dr. John Sanford – The DNA of every species is degenerating at a rate that could not have been ongoing for hundreds of millions of years, or we would be extinct! A former atheist tells how he lost his faith in evolution because of his genetic research.
  • Flood & Geology: the Biblical Timeline --Dr. Steve Austin – How the features of the Earth demonstrate the world-wide Flood, and how the evidence fits the Old Earth vs. Young Earth models.
  • Theology & the Biblical Timeline -- Pastor David Lovi – Can we add billions of years into Genesis 1 without twisting Moses's words?
  • Adam & Eve: New Genetic Evidence -- Dr. John Sanford – We now have tools to trace your ancestry back to the earliest people! The world-wide patterns of human DNA fit the Biblical history of a single couple a few thousand years ago, and three mothers of us all more recently!


  • Grand Canyon and the Flood – by Dr. Steve Austin - Continuing his discussion on flood geology, particularly from the layers that are visible at the Grand Canyon.
  • Science and the Age of the Earth – by Helmut Welke -  Reviews the scientific evidences that are strong indicators for the age of the earth and also the solar system. Much of this information is based on recent scientific discoveries and may surprise you.
  • Faith and Reason Made Simple – by Pastor Rick McGough -Reviews basic aspects of logic and natural evidence for a Creator and why belief in God is more logical than atheism. He strives to present the issues on Creation and Creator in such a way that the audience can communicate those ideas to others.


$49 - thumb drive with all seven presentations
$10 - DVD of any one presentation; available for each of the seven

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