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Creation Truth Conference - Sept. 23, 2017, Olson Chapel, Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL 60015

Conference Summary:

“... be ready always to give an answer ... [for] ... the hope that is in you ..." (I Peter 3:15).


To inspire Christians to become confident and winsome case-makers for Christian Truth and Biblical Creation.

Conference Schedule: Saturday, September 23, 2017

8:00 am Doors open for registration
9:00 am Dr. John SanfordHuman Genetics & the Biblical Timeline
10:00 am Dr. Steve AustinFlood & Geology: the Biblical Timeline
11:30 am Breakout sessions – 4 to choose from; see below
12:30 pm Lunch / Resource Tables Open
1:30 pm Pastor David LoviTheology & the Biblical Timeline
2:30 pm Dr. John SanfordAdam & Eve: New Genetic Evidence
3:30 pm Group Q & A
4:00 pm Close of Conference, but  see below!
6:30 pm FREE showing of the movie Is Genesis History? Public invited! Dr. Steve Austin and the Director, Thomas Purifoy, will be on hand to answer questions afterward. This showing is free by courtesy of Thomas Purifoy. [Added 9/7] )


A.T. Olson Chapel
Campus of Trinity International University
2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

Primary Conference Speakers

Dr. John Sanford has been a Cornell University professor, conducting genetic research, for over 30 years, resulting in more than 100 scientific publications and several dozen patents. He is presently a Courtesy Associate Professor at Cornell, President of Logos Research Associates, and President of Feed My Sheep Foundation. He is known as the inventor of the “Gene Gun,” and is especially known for his landmark book Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome  (newer ed.), which demonstrates not only that human DNA is deteriorating at an alarming rate, but that Darwinian evolution is impossible! Article on Creation.com

Dr. Steve Austin is a field research geologist with a Ph.D. from Penn State University in sedimentary geology. He was recently featured in the film Is Genesis History? (trailer) He has performed geologic research on six of the seven continents, including going inside the Mt. St. Helens volcano and spending the equivalent of more than a year below the rim of the Grand Canyon. He is the author of three books, three videos, and more than thirty technical geology papers, including one in the secular International Geology Review (1999). He is currently an adjunct professor of Geology at Cedarville University in Ohio.  Article on Creation.com

Pastor David Lovi has a Jewish background, but until his early 20s was an atheist. Today he serves as the Senior Pastor at CrossView Church in Antioch, Illinois. He holds two Master’s Degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in Christian Studies and in Church History, and is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree from The Master's Seminary. He has served as a missionary in Chicago to the Jewish community and has extensive experience with street evangelism in Jewish and Muslim areas of Chicago. Pastor Lovi’s first book, The Power of God: A Jonathan Edwards Commentary on the Book of Romans, was released in 2013 through Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Conference Fees

$20.00 --
Adult - if paid by 9/21
$ 2.00 --
*Student/Youth up to age 20
$30.00 --
Adult Walk-In
$10.00 --
Optional box lunch (sandwich, chips OR apple, cookies, water)
Please help us by registering by Sunday, 9/17, especially if ordering lunch!
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*Special Gift for Students:

If you register online and provide the name of your school, you will receive an email with a link to a free download of Is Genesis History?  This will come the week of the conference.

Breakout Sessions -- Choose 1:

  1. Grand Canyon and the Flood – presented by Dr. Steve Austin of Logos Research Associates. Dr. Austin will continue his discussion on Flood Geology, particularly from the layers that are visible at the Grand Canyon.
  2. Science and the Age of the Earth – presented by Helmut Welke, MS, President and Founder of the Quad-City Creation Science Association. Helmut will review the scientific evidences that are strong indicators for the age of the earth and also the solar system. Much of this information is based on recent scientific discoveries and may surprise you.
  3. Faith and Reason Made Simple – presented by Pastor Rick McGough of Local Church Apologetics. Pastor Rick will review basic aspects of logic and natural evidence for a Creator and why belief in God is more logical than atheism. He strives to present the issues on Creation and Creator in such a way that the audience can communicate those ideas to others.
  4. Genesis as the Foundation for the Gospel – presented by Pastor David Lovi of CrossView Church and TEDS graduate. Pastor Lovi will present the importance of the Genesis accounts as the foundation for the Gospel. He will also cover how a study of Genesis led to his own conversion from atheism to Biblical Christianity.
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