Midwest Creation Fellowship

Creation Truth Seminar - Sept. 23, 2017
Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact - Walt @ 847-223-4730 for info on volunteering!
Volunteers (non-students) will receive their entrance pass and a box lunch, free! (That would be $30 if paid by September 22!)
Full-time student volunteers will also receive their choice of a DVD or a book from our booktable.
Better still, you have the knowledge that you're making a difference in the world!

Venue: Trinity International University/
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

A.T. Olsen Chapel on Campus
2065 Half Day Road, Deerfield, IL

Alternate Chairperson: (Unfilled)

  1. Establish with the Senior Chairperson what areas will be each person's responsibility
  2. Stand in for the Senior Chairperson in case of sickness, vacation, etc.
  3. Interact frequently with the the Senior Chairperson to keep up-to-date on all aspects of the preparations
  4. (Try to enlist a local pastor as Alternate Chairperson for networking)

Prayer Coordinator : (Unfilled)

  1. Organize prayer groups and encourage existing prayer groups to support the seminar
  2. Provide praise and prayer requests to those interesteGeneral needs such as:
    1. God preparing hearts to receive the messages
    2. People in the area see the importance of Scripture
    3. Local churches support the seminar
    4. Effective communication among leaders in the seminar
    5. Speaker health and God's wisdom in presentations
    6. The glory of God to be evident

Church Coordinator (S. Sivertsen)

  1. Encourage local church support with bulletin inserts, verbal announcements, etc.
  2. Keep Senior Chairperson informed of all arrangements
  3. Arrange venues for speakers, after the conference

Publicity Coordinator (K. Funk)

  1. Handle publicity in coordination with other committee members
  2. Contact local Christian media (radio, TV, Internet, newspapers) re; news releases or PSAs
  3. Arrange for printing bulletin inserts and brochures (confers w/ Church Coordinator)
  4. Arrange for interviews of presenters on local radio/TV (coordinate w/Church Coordinator a.)
  5. Contact Creation Today (Eric Hovind) to get the event on their webpage of events

Hospitality Coordinator (R. Madziarczyk)

  1. Handle arrangements for presenters' hotels, meals, etc. (cf. Transportation Coordinator for transport)
  2. Arrange for refreshments in speaker/volunteer break room

Facilities Coordinator (Unfilled)

  1. Arrange for setup for meeting (floor plan and volunteers)
  2. Determine signs that are needed and arrange for their printing (also maps for local restaurants)
  3. Determine need for and provide tables for resource sales, registration (if using), etc.
  4. Recruit and give direction to up to 8 volunteers for providing directions to parking in the morning, and then serving as usher to direct people to break out rooms and lunch areas

Equipment Coordinator (Unfilled)

  1. Arrange for all audio/video equipment
  2. Provide for backup projectors and/or bulbs plus fresh batteries for speakers' microphones
  3. Provide a “floater” to handle equipment needs or problems during the seminar
  4. Assure that an adequate size screen is available for projection
  5. Engage a sound engineer for the sound board (perhaps other listed items, too)

Telephone Coordinator (Unfilled)

  1. Determine the needs for phone service
  2. Need temporary phone service?
  3. Use existing line or add a line or 2?
  4. Assist Chairperson in obtaining names and phone numbers of local pastors by spring 2017.
  5. Organize phone contacts so pastors are not called multiple times by volunteers

Transportation Coordinator (unfilled)
(May be merged with Hospitality Coordinator)

  1. Arrange transportation for all seminar speakers (cf. Hospitality Coordinator as necessary)
  2. At airport to hotel and hotel to airport after the seminar
  3. For all interviews, lectures Sunday speaking engagements
  4. Hotel to seminar venue and back
  5. Other miscellaneous needs
  6. Use a transportation checklist form so that all “bases” are covered


  1. 10 volunteers for the registration tables on the day of the event.