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Midwest Creation Fellowship
  Last modified: November 30 2020

More Info on the Library   (Rev. 7/20/2016)

  • Normally, you may have 1-2 items at a time.
  • The loan period is 2 weeks, with a 60-day grace period. Please do not send a fine for items less than 60 days overdue! Of course, if you wish to make a donation, we'll be happy to accept it, but please include a note stating that "This is a donation..."
  • If you keep them longer than (ahem) 60 days overdue, please return them with the fine of $1.00/week per item, but NOT OVER $5.00 per item.
  • Sorry, but we can NOT promise to send a certain item for a particular date! All copies might be already out on loan. However, if you call us well in advance, if it is not available, we will confer with you on a suitable item that is on the shelf. We can send it early and extend the due date. You are welcome to share (the vast majority of) these resources with others, and we will happily help you! Call 847-223-4730, or email
  • A few items have restrictions on who may use them. For instance, there may be restrictions against churches or Christian schools using resources, because the producers may need their main audience to pay for an expensive production. Please respect their rights, and contact them in case of doubt.
  • Postage cost: We pay postage to you. You pay return postage, at $2.48  for the first pound and $0.46 for each additional pound or fraction of a pound, effective August 28, 2016. One pound covers most individual items, and covers two DVDs. This is a special "Library Rate." Do NOT reuse the stamps we used, even if someone forgot to cancel them.
  • Packaging: Ple-e-e-ease don't throw away the shipping box! Return them in the box(es) in which they arrived! Usually, it has 2 flaps, with your address on one and our return address on the other. Be sure to PUT THE RIGHT FLAP ON THE OUTSIDE! If there's only 1 flap, inside there's a return label already made out.
  • OK, so you threw out the shipping box. You're forgiven. Just package the materials in anything that will keep them safe from damage. Our address is on each item. And DO remember that you can still use "Library Rate."