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Special Speakers Available!

From time to time, we have speakers from outside the Chicago area who are available to speak at churches, within a few days of  an MCF event. (See below.) We also have a listing of presenters who are qualified to speak on the creation/evolution area, some out of state, who are available on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to invite one to speak at your church, please contact us!

Dr. Steven Austin - click for bio

Available for radio interviews before September 23, 2017

Dr. Steve Austin
Ph.D., Geology

Bio: http://creationwiki.org/Steve_Austin
Bio article: https://creation.com/geologist-steve-austin

Dr. Austin is a Senior Research Scientist for the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). His field research has taken him to six of the seven continents, but especially the Grand Canyon.

Dr. Austin's research has focused largely on evidences for a "young" earth and the world-wide Flood. His particular areas of research have been the Grand Canyon and Mt. St. Helens, along with areas such as problems with radiometric dating methods. His Ph.D. dissertation concerned how coal seams give evidence of having once been floating mats of vegetation, deposited in a very large flood. He was the first to notice that large numbers of ammonite fossils in the Grand Canyon were all swimming in the same direction when they were buried in a wave of sediment, leading to their being fossilized, and fossilized as they were swimming. See his bio for more on CreationWiki, which also lists some of his presentations!

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