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  Last modified: November 30 2020

Winners of the Student Essay Contest 2017!

And the Winners Are...

Image of Winner's certificateSenior High

Junior High

Sadly, we dare not give the winners' names and locations, due to a high likelihood of discrimination against them in colleges and graduate schools. This is illegal, but does happen.

Since only one person would have made a live presentation of their paper, we will not have the Essay Contest Presentations meeting this year.

The 2018 Contest opens on January 1! There's lots of prize money to be won! Not to mention that there's so much information now available that demonstrates that there really IS a Creator, Who has left his handprints all over His universe! Why not start thinking about next year's submission now? Any student aged 11 to 18 is elibible. You do not have to belong to Midwest Creation Fellowship, nor do you have to live in the United States.