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  Last modified: August 27 2023
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Student Essay Contest 2023
Results! (Finally!)

And the Winners Are...

Junior High Level (Ages 11-14)
1st Place - Micah, from Florida $300 Pecking Holes Through Evolution
2nd Place - Grayson, from Illinois $200 Creatures of Creation: the Faulty Theory of Evolution
3rd Place - Griffin, from Illinois $100 Mount Saint Helens: An Eruption of Evidence
Senior High Level (Ages 14-18)
1st Place - Hope, from Michigan $500 Spider Silk Entangles Evolution
2nd Place - Abby, from Tennessee $250 Microevolution vs. Macroevolution
3nd Place - Jayna, from Florida $150 Vestigial Structures: Are They Really Useless?

Notice that our 6 winners come from 4 states, so having a live presentation event would not work. Their award certificates and prize monies are being sent by mail.

Note: The essays linked here have been put through one or more conversion processes to remove personal information and save them in PDF format, and provide headers and footer information. After this, they may not look just like the originals! If you encounter weird characters, or other issues, please contact Thank you!