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Midwest Creation Fellowship

Student Essay Contest 2021

And the Winners Are...

Junior High Level (Ages 11-14)
1st Place - Noah J. S. M., Michigan $300 The Bombardier Beetle Blasts Evolution
2nd Place - Ruth B., Florida $200 The "Problem" of Irreducible Complexity
3rd Place - Abby P., Tennessee $100 Mount St. Helens
Senior High Level (Ages 14-18)
1st Place - Hope C.S.M., Michigan $500 Electric Eels Electrocute Evolution
2nd Place - William B., Wisconsin $250 "Transitional" Fossils Are Just God's Created Kinds
3rd Place - Ben I., Gurnee, Illinois $150 Ask the Birds: How Nature's Flying Machines Point to the Creator

Congratulations to our winners!

And a huge "Thank you!!" to ALL who did the work to enter the Essay Contest! It's no joy if students don't write! We hope each of you learned interesting things about the universe you live in, things that will help you evaluate the anti-God messages you are, and will be, receiving throughout your life. That's the main reason we run this Contest - it's for YOU to learn a little, tiny bit of the evidence that God really IS the Creator, and God's Word is trustworthy!

Note: We would love to list the winners' full names and specific locations, but due to (illegal) discrimination against creationists, we can not give that information without endangering their acceptance into higher education and future employment.

The essays linked here have been put through one or more conversion processes to remove personal information and re-save them in PDF format. After this, they may not look just like the originals! Please forgive any formatting problems -- it is necessary to do some reformatting to add the document name as header/footer, and a page number. One essay needed extensive reformatting. Please let us know of any serious problems with them!

The 2023 contest is now open! There's a total of $1500 prize money to be won! ...Not to mention that there's so much information now available that demonstrates that there really IS a Creator, Who has left handprints all over His universe! Anyone aged 11 to 18, as of April 30, 2023, is eligible. You do not have to belong to Midwest Creation Fellowship, nor do you have to live in the United States. The full information is here.