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  Last modified: July 08 2022
Scott Sander

Scott Sander

of TeamSanderMinistries


B.S. Electrical Engineering; Certified Biblical Counselor

Scott has worked in Electrical Engineering for 25 years. He and his wife Diane are certified Biblical Counselors, and have years of experience with marriage and stepfamily ministry. Scott served as an elder in his church for 4 years, preaching and teaching often. Scott is passionate about teaching God's Word and takes a firm stance on the Bible's inerrancy, sufficiency and authority, beginning with the very first verse. Apologetics is one of their ministry areas. Scott and Diane also volunteer with Answers in Genesis.

They have one daughter, Victoria, who is married to Anthony, and a pet jackabee, named Genesis.


Adam and Eve, and the Creation of Marriage
There is growing speculation, even amongst Christians, about the historical reliability of the early chapters of Genesis. At the same time, many marriages in our society are struggling. These are not unrelated topics. In this talk, Scott Sander will discuss the historical reliability of the existence of Adam of Eve, as Scripture states, and also see how this not only has an eternal impact, but also a very practical impact for the institution of marriage.


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