James Orme James Orme

Orme is president and founder of Northwoods Creation Association in Ashland, Wisconsin, and a speaker who focuses on how science and the Bible support each other. While living near Chicago, he was also a leader in Midwest Creation Fellowship, and was a frequent visitor to the Chicago Field Museum. Based on his visits to the museum, he has written a 34-page booklet Evolution: Fact or Fiction?, a guide to evolution displays at museums.

Education: Occupation:

Jim is retired after 34 years as a systems analyst and developer for Bell Labs, AT&T and Tellabs. His responsibilities were as varied as the simulation of a spy satellite system, analysis of telecommunications traffic, development of real-time operator systems, and development of domestic and international telecommunication standards.

Honors and Awards:

Elected to the position of Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). (Senior members constitute approximately the top 5% of the IEEE.)

Dr. Wayne Martindale of Wheaton College says “Jim's talks on Young Earth Creationism are inspiring, informative, and convincing.”