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Duane Caldwell

Duane Caldwell
  • B.S. Aeronautics , St. Louis University
  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, at Trinity International University
  • Certified as a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional and Tour Guide by the International Association for Creation and by Genesis Apologetics.
  • Ordained minister of the Evangelical Church Alliance
  • Runs the site – an apologetics site that defends the faith from all manner of attacks, and often features creation information
  • As an extension of Rational Faith, Duane runs Museum Tours giving them from a Christian perspective

He may be contacted using his email form on his website or call 1.224.400.9932.

Available Presentations:

  • The Age of the Earth - and Why It Matters   The Bible presents a number of straightforward, clear, easy to understand statements on the age of the Earth and the cosmos. Yet even among Christians, it remains a contentious matter. Some consider the matter divisive. Some pastors don't want it discussed. Why?
  • Creation in the Digital Age   Darwin's theory of evolution, formulated in the 19th century, was able to gain widespread popularity due to its very simplistic view of the mechanisms of living creatures, aptly summarized in the phrase "goo to you" evolution. This presentation examines a number of biological processes in light of the digital processing that modern science has discovered is necessary for these processes to function. Digital processing of information is a feature of living creatures that neoDarwinism is unable to account for. This presentation demonstrates where some of that processing occurs, and shows why random mutation and natural selection are insufficient to explain its existence.
  • Evolution's Unanswerable Questions   Many evolutionists believe they have answers to all of the most fundamental questions of life. But do they? And do the answers they profess really answer those questions consistently within an evolutionary (and typically atheistic) world view? When more closely examined, it turns out their answers really don’t address the problem. So join us as we look at some of "Evolution's Unanswerable Questions".
  • An Introduction to Biblical Creation - Issues and Perspectives    For many people, the mention of the topic of Origins brings to mind two camps in a long standing disagreement, often expressed as Science vs. Religion, or Old Earth vs Young Earth. And while many people have lined up on one side of the argument or the other, do they understand the issues and approaches taken by each side? Common issues in the origins debates are introduced and explained. Problems with secular theories and evidences are pointed out; as well as evidence that supports the Biblical creation account.
  • Science, Creation, and the Power of Stories   Why do people act as they do ? Because of their beliefs. Why do people believe what they believe? Because of the stories they've accepted as truth. We are sometimes amused at the stories our ancient ancestors usded to believe, that are clearly fiction in the light of modern science. But are we any different? Do the stories we believe square with modern science? This presentation explores the power of stories to shape beliefs, especially the modern day stories concerning origins, and examines whether those stories hold up in the light of modern science.