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Genesis: Paradise Lost

Movie Review

Theater dates: November 13 & 16, 2017

November 14, 2017

My family has been following the team at Creation Today with Eric Hovind developing the Genesis 3D Movie for years now. It is so exciting to see their dream and hard work publically visible in theaters across the USA this week! We were able to see the film yesterday and here's what my kids had to say about it:
"I liked it." (12 year old)
"Anyone from age 10 should enjoy it." (14 year old)
"It was awesome!" (age 7)

If you have an antsy kid that gets bored whenever a movie isn't involving action packed adventure of some kind, they will have a few rough spots. I have one of those kids and he got squirmy about 3 times during the almost 2 hour film.

Because they wanted a strong argument, the show used a lot of 'talking heads' footage that I thought was well put together with clever editing, camera angles, and beautiful backdrops (at the Creation Museum). But, kids aren't so much into smart people sitting around and talking even with fossils in the background.

But the CG effects lived up to everything I could have hoped for. It was hardly a Hollywood sized budget, and although the candles and character close ups looked odd, I didn't find the quality affected my experience very much. So, if you're in the States and can possibly make it, snap up your tickets for Thursday now and have a blast learning and supporting the truth about creation!

https://genesismovie.com/ tickets

*Cheri Fields is a home-schooling mom who produces the website CreationScience4Kids.coom, providing resources for homeschoolers. She and her family live in Michigan.