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Essay Winners on October 31!

Essay winners show their certificates at an MCF meeting
Two of our winners show their certificates. They also received cash prizes. We regret that it is no longer wise to show names nor faces of our winners, or they may be discriminated against in higher education.

The 2015 Student Essay Contest winners will be the feature of a special meeting on October 31.We have three presenting in person, and three by video. Please come to encourage our essayists, and to learn things you probably didn't know about creation! The winners who are present will receive their cash prizes and certificates, and our congratulations!

Schedule: 9:30 - 10:00 a.m.: Mixer and refreshments
10:00 a.m. - Noon: Presentations

Location: Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Plenty of parking on Walnut Avenue. More details to follow.

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New Creation TV Channel - 24/7!

Click to watch GSN live

David Rives Ministries is proud to present the "Genesis Science Network", a 24/7 television channel airing content from Answers in Genesis, CMI, Creation Today, and many more. Whether you are watching from your television, computer, smartphone or tablet, Genesis Science Network brings you the best of Biblical Creation and Scientific programming FREE of charge.

An MCF North-sponsored event

MCF's October Meetings--
October 5 & 6, 2015:
The Bible Knows Best: Hidden Gems of Astoundingly Good Science Found in the Scriptures
with David Rives of David Rives Ministries

David Rives - click for bio

From the germ theory, to the expansion of the universe, to the very origin of time, space and matter, the Bible holds the key! It predates scientific discovery by thousands of years and has stood the test of time. Come and see how the Bible told us of these modern day discoveries thousands of years ago!

David is the host of the TV show Creation in the 21st Century. His ministry is responsible for the Genesis Science Network (see below left), at least one major creationist DVD, The Creation Club, and more.

6:00 p.m.: Doors open (may be later in Carol Stream)
6:45 p.m.: Refreshments
7:00 p.m.: Presentation
8:00 p.m.: Questions & Answers

Monday, October 5: St. Mark Education Center, 1840 E. Grand Ave., Lindenhurst, IL ("MCF North")  (click for PDF flyer)
Tuesday, October 6: DVC Ministry Center, 25W560 Geneva Road, Carol Stream, IL ("MCF West")

For more information, call 847-356-1433, or email mcfnorth@midwestcreationfellowship.org.

MCF's November Meetings
November 2 and 3, 2015
Topic: To Be Announced
with Dr. Charles Jackson

Dr. Jackson has been a popular speaker to young people for several years. He has taught science and later taught science teachers, so he is well-versed in the evolutionists' evidences. He has also founded his own creation ministry, and has since joined with Creation Truth Foundation.

For more information, call 847-356-1433, or email mcfnorth@midwestcreationfellowship.org.