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Midwest Creation Fellowship (MCF) is a Christian ministry dedicated to demonstrating the historical and scientific accuracy of the Bible, principally in Genesis. Our services include:

Picture of books and tapes

We're Goin' to the Lake County Fair! July 29 to August 2

Come see our booth at the Lake County Fair! Last year, we gave away books and DVDs. Dr. Jerry Bergman plans to be with us, at least part of that week, so you can talk with the world's most-published creationist scientist! He'll also sell his books. We'll probably have items to hand out again, too!

Student Essay Contest

Picture of teenager writingOur Contest has closed on April 30. We hope to post the winning essays on the website, after the judges make their decisions. THANK YOU to all who have entered!

MCF will invite winners to present their papers in a special meeting in the autumn. However, we can't guarantee that the winners live close enough that they'll accept. That's why we haven't had that meeting the last two years. But we're hoping...

We'd also LOVE to announce their names on our web -- but in the current "academic" climate, we'd be hindering them from being accepted in colleges and grad schools. So we don't. But they still get their checks and certificates of their accomplishments!

Hey, Essayist: how'd you like to get more reward for the study you do for the Essay Contest?

The Northern Illinois Regional Science Fair (website) (for homeschoolers) was held at Rock Valley College on Saturday, April 25. MCF's own Walt Sivertsen was one of the four judges. The science fair date is the same week as the deadline for MCF Essay Contest submissions, so it is possible to take the topic of one's essay and make an exhibit for the science fair -- or take the learning you do for the science fair and use it to create an entry in MCF's Student Essay Contest. One student used the family tomato plot last summer to experiment with different natural fertilizers. Summer is a great time to make collections, too!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mr. Terry Mondy - click for bio 6:45 p.m.: Refreshments
7:00 p.m.: Mount St. Helens: Portrait of a Catastrophe
with Mr. Terry Mondy - science teacher extraordinaire!

Location: St. Mark Education Center, 1840 E. Grand Ave., Lindenhurst, IL (MCF North)

What have geologists discovered from the devastating eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980? How does their intriguing research support a Creation Model of origins?   (Downloadable flyer in PDF

Level: About 6th grade to college

For more information, call (847) 223-4730, or email info@midwestcreationfellowship.org.

No charge; all are welcome. We do accept donations to support this work.

NO MCF West Over Summer

While MCF North is trying out having meetings in summer, MCF West needs a break! They'll see you in September.

July 6 and August 3, 2015

Dr. Jerry Bergman - click for bio 6:00 p.m.: Doors open
6:45 p.m.: Refreshments
7:00 p.m.: Presentations To Be Announced
with Dr. Jerry Bergman

Location: St. Mark Education Center, 1840 E. Grand Ave., Lindenhurst, IL (MCF North) (MCF West, Carol Stream, will be on summer break.)

MCF North is very pleased to announce that we will hear the most-published creationist scientist in the world, Dr. Jerry Bergman! He will also be with us at our booth at the Lake County Fair! This will be the first summer we've had regular meetings in ... I don't know how long!

For more information, call 847-356-1433, or email mcfnorth@midwestcreationfellowship.org.

Homeschool Science Fair in Rockford, April 25

Winners of the 2015 Science Fair
Winners of the 2015 Science Fair