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Midwest Creation Fellowship (MCF) is a Christian ministry dedicated to demonstrating the historical and scientific accuracy of the Bible, principally in Genesis. Our services include:

Picture of books and tapes

Programming of Life is now online!

Image of poster - click for downloadThis is one of the very best movies on Intelligent Design we've ever had the pleasure to encounter! And you can even view the whole thing online, free!

This would be a good 1-2 punch if paired with the DVD Unlocking the Mystery of Life!

Bulk quantities of Programming are available here (and MCF gets no kickback from them)!

Update on Creation Conference Nov. 1 Michigan State U. - Lansing

This was not an MCF meeting. The conference organizers were Creation Summit, a national group whose mission is to bring evidence for Biblical creation to college campuses through seminars.

Reports on attendance ranged from 100-200, many students but also people who looked like they were older. One MCF'er travelled to Lansing for the conference! The turnout was somewhat disappointing, for a campus with 40,000 students (not all living locally). However, the excellent presentations gave those 100-200 much to think about!

Videos were made of the presentations, and are being edited. Here's one on YouTube of Dr. Charles Jackson speaking on "The Big Bang is a Fake!" He's not against teaching this theory as a theory; but he gives many reasons for realizing this theory has many problems. You will probably need to turn off your YouTube Safety Mode option to view this!

Thanks MUCH to all who supported the outreach in prayer! AND thanks to you who pray for MCF, too!

A Midwest Creation Fellowship North event MCF's December Meetings

Five Common Deceptions in our Culture
Brian Marian - click for infowith Mr. Brian Mariani
of Alpha-Omega Institute

Your choice:

Monday, December 1, 2014
at St. Mark Lutheran Education Center
1822 E. Grand Ave., Lindenhurst, IL (map)
Tuesday, December 9

at 25W560 Geneva Road, Carol Stream, IL (map)

Schedule for both nights:
6:45 p.m.:  Refreshments
7:00 p.m.: Presentation
8:30: Q&A

Brian comes both to lecture, and to raise awareness and support for AO's new "Discover Creation Training Institute" (DCTI).

His presentation covers 5 main points:

Deception #1: The Bible is not completely reliable.
#2: Evolution is proven science and creation is religious belief.
#3: Science proves an "old" earth.
#4: The Definition of Science does not allow for God.
#5: Evolution and the Bible are compatible.

No charge, everyone welcome. We do pass the plate for help to cover expenses of these meetings.

Creationism Censored on YouTube!

Today I encountered a THIRD instance in recent days of a creationist video that has been censored on YouTube! YouTube itself is innocent. Shutting down the discussion is a major component of the anti-creationists' strategy. For instance, the biology department at Michigan State University actually tried to shut down the creation conference on November 1, but the administration stood with the principle that a university must be a "free market of ideas", and refused to cooperate with that censorship attempt.

Another attempt to stifle the discussion takes place routinely on YouTube, where you may have to turn off  Safety Mode to see materials that somebody has marked "inappropriate"! Ian Juby says he constantly deals with these attacks on his videos on YouTube.

When you encounter this, please try to contact the person who uploaded the video. He should be able to contact YouTube and remove the censorship -- until the dishonest complainer does it again.