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Midwest Creation Fellowship is a "young earth" creationist organization. We exist to encourage the Church, in particular, to trust that the Bible is telling the truth about history, including in Genesis chapter One. Our monthly meetings are open to all. Our Library-by-Mail is available to all members (and membership costs only $20/year). Our Student Essay Contest is for any students ages 11-18; membership is not required. We also have speakers available on a variety of creation topics!

Here's a bit of what's happening in the near future:

Monday, November 13, 2017
Thursday, November 16 (at some theaters)

Movie: Genesis: Paradise Lost
(Formerly known as Genesis 3D)

After five years in the making, the "Genesis of Genesis" movie is ready to go! Available in either 3D or 2D, it is now scheduled for showing on a second date in some theaters. NOTE: if the movie is showing in 3D, it will say "3D" prominently on the movie thumbnail, as below. Some theaters are not showing the 3D version at all, so check which version you're buying tickets for!

Movie: Genesis: Paradise Lost - this is the thumbnail for the 3D version
This is what a thumbnail looks like for the 3D version

The movie's website lists 14 scholars in science and Scripture as interviewees, most of whom work for Answers in Genesis. Computer-generated animals and people cover the first chapters of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, and yes, that includes dinosaurs!

See the review by Cheri Fields

Mr. Dan Mikal - click for bio
Mr. Dan Mikal, Sr.

December 4-5, 2017

God’s Funniest, yet Vital, Proteins: Kinesin & Dynein

Kinesin walking
Kinesin walking, from Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

with Mr. Dan Mikal, Sr.

See and hear about two of the most unusual protein groups in God’s created ‘tool kit’ of the cell. Moving vital resources within the cell is the purpose of these special motor proteins. Their unusual designs and functions literally make one laugh when seen in action. Come enjoy another look at one of God’s most unusual molecular creations -- you will hardly believe it! 

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