Midwest Creation Fellowship

Vacation and Education Opportunities

If you're looking for places to go and things to do, where you can learn more about evidence for Christianity, creation and a Biblical worldview, there are many! Here are a few! Links to Other Creationist and Worldview Organizations
Creation Museum website Answers in Genesis Creation Museum
World-class museum, 70,000 square feet, proclaiming that the Bible's view of history is believable as written! Science, history, worldview, theatres, botanic gardens. Beautiful! Kentucky, near Cincinnatti.
Light and Life Foundation Website Creation and Earth History Museum
The museum built by the Institute for Creation Research in Santee, California, is now operated by a different group, since ICR moved to Texas. The new group's website is "under construction," but does have some info.
Creation Expeditions Creation Expeditions (Florida)
Expeditions to South Dakota and Florida: dig dinosaur fossils, camp, canoe, swim with manatees!
Creation Adventures Museum Creation Adventures Museum
Workshops, classes, field trips, near Arcadia, Florida
Dr. Gary Parker and his wife Mary have opened their own creation ministry. You may have seen Dr. Parker lecturing in person or on video. He formerly worked with Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research. Amateur website, but Dr. Parker is NO amateur in teaching on evidence for creation!
National Parks
Answers in Genesis has produced brochures showing the creationist vs. evolutionist interpretations of Mt. St. Helens, Cave Formations, Petrified Forests, Niagara Falls, Devil's Tower, Grand Canyon, and Dinosaur National Monument, (plus 3 more for sites overseas). Our Library-by-Mail lends members videos and books on places like the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon Adventure with Reasons for Hope Reasons for Hope
Grand Canyon Adventure
River rafting with Carl Kerby!

Need to sign up well in advance!
7 Wonders of Mt. St. Helens Creation Museum 7 Wonders of Mt. St. Helens Museum
Silverlake, Washington

When Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980 and 1986, it gave scientists the chance to actually see how even a middlin'-sized volcano can produce, in months or even minutes, geologic features that they were taught take at least thousands of years to form. But most museums won't tell you the implications for the age of the geologic features elsewhere... these folks will!
Summit Ministries website Summit Ministries conferences for students, adults, pastors take place in different locations throughout the year. In addition, they have study abroad programs at Oxford University, and a three-month fall Summit Semester in the Rocky Mountains.
Timber-lee Christian Center
Camps, science and nature programs
that are so good even the public schools bring their students! And check out their variety of summer camps! East Troy, Wisconsin
Worldview Academy Worldview Academy Leadership Camps - June through September, for students ages 13 and up. "[S]tudents are challenged to think hard about their faith and how it applies to the modern predicament. Here, students ... are treated like real people who wrestle with real issues—and who need answers that match the real world."