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Special Speakers Available!

From time to time, we have speakers from outside the Chicago area who are available to speak at churches, within a few days of  an MCF event. (See below.) We also have a listing of presenters who are qualified to speak on the creation/evolution area, some out of state, who are available on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to invite one to speak at your church, please contact us!

Dr. Russell Humphreys - click for bio

Date Available: Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dr. Russell Humphreys

Ph.D. Physics

Bio: http://creation.com/d-russell-humphreys-cv

Dr. Humphreys is best-known in creationist circles for his work demonstrating the scientific validity of the Biblical timeframe for the age of the earth and other bodies in space.

Ex.: Magnetic field decay: almost every large body in our Solar System has, or once had, a strong magnetic field. In 1984, on the basis of Scripture, Dr. Humphreys proposed a theory that suggested how God created those fields. His five very specific predictions about what then-future space probes would find out about planetary magnetic fields has now been verified, several in the last few years. They could have proved true only if the Solar System is only thousands of years old. (See Mercury's Fading Magnetic Field Fits Creation Model, or Google "Humphreys magnetic".)

Helium diffusion: Another area in which Humphreys' work demonstrated that a 6,000-year age for the earth involves helium in rocks deep in the earth. Helium diffuses rapidly from rocks; after a certain amount of time, very little should be left. Yet the helium concentration in rocks that were supposedly millions of years old, was consistent with those rocks being thousands of years old.

Starlight and time: Dr. Humphreys has also been working on a model of space and time that attempts to explain the problem of why, if the earth is only thousands of years of age, we can already see objects in space which we believe to be billions of light-years away! His model lis called the "Time Dilation Theory." (There are also several other creationist models attempting to explain the "starlight and time" phenomenon.) (Note: the Big Bang model has its own problems, which are rarely discussed in the public media, but have led a large number of scientists to question the Big Bang.)

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Dr. Steven Austin - click for bio

Date Available: Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dr. Steve Austin

Ph.D., Geology

Bio: http://creationwiki.org/Steve_Austin

Dr. Austin has been a researcher for the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) for

Dr. Austin's research has focused largely on evidences for a "young" earth and the world-wide Flood. His particular areas of research have been the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helens, along with other areas, such as problems with radiometric dating methods. His Ph.D. dissertation concerned how coal seams give evidence of having once been floating mats of vegetation, deposited in a very large flood. He was the first to notice that large numbers of ammonite fossils in the Grand Canyon were all swimming in the same direction when they were buried in a wave of sediment, leading to their being fossilized, and fossilized as they were swimming. See his bio for more on CreationWiki, which also lists some of his presentations!

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Dr. Dan Biddle - click for bio

Date Available: Sunday, July 9 September 24, 2017

Dr. Daniel A. Biddle

Ph.D. Psychology

Website: http://genesisapologetics.com/

President of Genesis Apologetics, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to equipping youth pastors, parents, and students with Biblical answers for evolutionary teaching in public schools. Daniel has trained thousands of students in Biblical creation and evolution and is the author of several Creation-related publications. Daniel has a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant University in San Francisco, California, an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant, and a B.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. Daniel has worked as an expert consultant and/or witness in over 100 state and federal cases in the areas of research methodologies and statistical analysis. Daniel’s ministry experience includes over two decades of Church service and completing graduate work at Western Seminary.  (This bio is from page 10 of  http://genesisapologetics.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/592/2016/05/DEBUNKING-EVOLUTION-WHAT-EVERY-CHRISTIAN-STUDENT-SHOULD-KNOW-FINAL-5-2-2016-with-cover.pdf.)

Dr. Biddle's Genesis Apologetics ministry produces books and videos aimed particularly at junior high to senior high students who are being taught science within an evolution-based framework.  Until June 1, they are also offering for FREE their new Debunking Evolution video series with book and student guide to Christian students. They also sell the set for $14.95. Other videos and books are free online to anyone!

For more information, call 847 223 4730, or email info@midwestcreationfellowship.org.