Midwest Creation Fellowship

Enter the Annual Student Essay Contest!

Entries are being accepted from
January 1 to April 30


    Senior High Level (Ages 14-18*)
  • $500 First Place
  • $250 Second Place
  • $150 Third Place
    Junior High Level Ages 11-14*)
  • $300 First Place
  • $200 Second Place
  • $100 Third Place

Who may enter

  • Entrants must be between the ages of 11 and 18 as of April 30. *Entrants 14 years old on April 30 may enter either Junior or Senior division.
  • Entrants do NOT need to be members of Midwest Creation Fellowship!
  • Entrants do NOT need to reside in the United States.

Help available:

  • "Doing a Report on Creation vs. Evolution on Answers in Genesis site. They also have many books, articles, DVDs. Some are free downloads!
  • MCF maintains a Library-by-Mail which can help supply resources for writing this paper! Join now to receive 1 year of access to over 700 titles of VHS, DVD, CD, print and audio media!
  •  FREE BOOK The Evolution Handbook - click for online versionfor any contest participant (while our limited supply lasts)! One copy per family of The Evolution Handbook. If you'd like a printed copy, ask us! Vance Ferrell also makes his books free online. The printed book is jamed with information, but his 3-volume online encyclopedia is even bigger!
  • Take advantage of online programs to check grammar, spelling, and accidental plagiarism. (Google it!)


To encourage the development of skills in research, analysis and logical reasoning through preparing an effective presentation of a thesis in a creation-oriented paper.

Picture of girl writing in a notepad.  © Dinarowe | Dreamstime.com
Image of girl © Dinarowe | Dreamstime.com


  • Entries will be accepted beginning January 1, and must be sent by April 30.
  • If submitting an electronic document, email it as an attached .PDF, .DOC, or .WP file, to StudentEssayContest@MidwestCreationFellowship.org. OpenOffice documents are a little "dicey," so please don't use their native document format.  We prefer electronic documents, because they don't need to be scanned to reproduce them for judges, or potentially, to post them on the web.
  • If submitting a paper document, mail it by April 30 to:
    MCF Contest
    PO Box 479
    Gurnee, IL 60031-0479.

Paper must be:

  • Topic must strongly relate to the subject of creation vs. evolution, from a creationist perspective. (Topic Suggestions)
  • Typewritten
  • Double spaced
  • Up to 1500 words for Junior High or 2500 words for Senior High (Footnotes, endnotes, bibliography and title page do not count towards the word limit.)
  • Graphics may be included
  • Give references to sources of ideas, quotes and graphics
  • Be careful to avoid plagiarizing! The Web has much helpful content. Examples: Plagiarism.org, Grammarly.com, WriteCheck.com. They'll also check for errors in grammar, spelling, etc.

Entries will include a cover page showing the author's:

  • First and last name
  • Age as of April 30
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • School (or 'Homeschool')
  • If you're 14 on April 30, state whether you're entering as Junior or Senior High level.

Essays will be judged on:

  • Biblical and scientific facts and logic
  • Ability to communicate ideas
  • Creativity
  • Technical ability (writing skills, grammar, etc.)
  • Meeting all stated rules of the contest, including being submitted on time. Late papers are accepted for a few days, but penalized.

What to expect:

  • Contact us if you submitted your paper, but received no reply by 7 days later, at Info@MidwestCreationFellowship.org.
  • All entrants will be notified by mail of their status, usually in July.
  • All entries become the property of MCF and will not be returned. Prize-winning entries may be reproduced and distributed by MCF.
  • Winners may be invited to present their papers at an MCF meeting in the autumn. Some winning essays have been published in Creation Matters, the newsletter of the Creation Research Society!